Thursday, 7 August 2008


Imagine trying to get a three year old to take a sight test - actually imagine getting an 18 month old to do it! Small Child has worn glasses since that tender age to correct a squint that she developed just after her first birthday, which means regular trips to the eye doctor for check ups and a vision test...of sorts!

Admittedly, it took me a while to get used to the fact that she had to wear them as I didn't want her to have the hassle of it; both myself and Other Half are short sighted and wear contacts and glasses. (Mine are Chanel of course...any excuse to purchase something from that label that I can actually afford!) What I expected to be at least a two week game of lets pull them off for the millionth time, turned out to be a doddle, plus she looks bookish and cute in a Ray from Jerry McGuire kind of way!

The appointments are definitely getting easier now that she has the power of speech and, the first time she was able to say "duck, house, boot, lorry" etc when showed the picture card, I was so proud of her I could have burst! There is also an image of a cup on there and when the doctor pointed to it, Small Child piped up "Cappuccino!" Something tells me we spend too much time in that coffee shop! At least she didn't say "tall skinny caramelatte with an extra shot".

We went along yesterday and she was the most cooperative she's ever been; normally vast amounts of raisins or chocolate buttons are called for before she will let them anywhere near her. I think she still bears a grudge from the times when they had to practically hold her down to put drops in - not pleasant!
Reward for compliance was a babyccino at lunch (different branch of same coffee shop this time!). How cute does Small Child look perched up on the sofa, spooning chocolate covered milk foam out of an espresso cup, complete with obligatory milk moustache? The best part about it is the elbowing and nods of disapproval you get as onlookers think she's getting her caffeine fix too! Do you honestly know any parent who would knowingly bolster their three year olds already manic activity levels with an espresso shot?

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Outstanding work training the girl early!