Sunday, 31 August 2008

I Heart SAKS Fifth Avenue

You see.... I knew they would come through for me and the red soled objects of desire! Saks are sending me the heel tips and they said that if I fax them my receipt they will reimburse me for the repair! Now that is customer service! God damn it.... yet another reason to love New York!  Thanks Norma P, I will wear them out somewhere sophisticated in your honour!


notSupermum said...

That's brilliant news! You have to hand it to the Americans, they really know how to provide good customer service don't they? We are sooooo way behind in this country.

that girl ? said...

Totally with you on that one! Don't think we ever experienced such a "can do" attitude than in NY. Saks didn't dissapoint! Mind you any shoe dept. that is so big it has its own zip code, 1022 SHOE, will never let you down!