Friday, 22 August 2008

Two Days Until Louboutin Day!

I mean wedding day! Not sure if I mentioned this before but it only took me three attempts to find a dress that goes with the infamous Louboutins! Aren't they beautiful? I couldn't find a picture of the exact ones but they are the same as these except in the softest silver grey suede! I know...I could have taken a photo but its late, I'm a mother, I'm very tired and out of excuses!  

At the point I made the purchase on that now distant, snowy day in Saks Fifth Avenue I was confidant that the outfit would come together based solely (pardon the pun) around the shoes! I must have been high on Veuve Cliquot and the smell of very expensive leather!
I did find a beautiful DVF dress for a more than reasonable price but having tried on the whole ensemble recently I decided that it was not "weddingy" enough. Yes there is such a word!

So after several failed on-line shopping attempts I came up with this little gem from Coast! Having the appropriate dress meant that I now needed the appropriate headgear! I don't normally do headgear at weddings seeing as a) my head is too big for one size fits all hats (natch!) and b) they give me chronic hat hair! But seeing as it is Brother In Law and Fiance's big day I felt some extra effort was definitely required! And so it came to be that I succumbed to the previously uncharted territory of the Fascinator!

My view on this particular accessory was that it was only worn by Ascot bound WAGS or the more mature woman; i.e. MM wore a rather large one at my brothers wedding. This seemed like a good idea at the time until the actual day of the ceremony when the Caribbean breezes threatened to aid it's take off from her head and send it flying across the beach to a watery end! Would have been a great photo op though!

Anyhoo, I digress (again!) I found one that I think finishes off the outfit, gives it a significant weddingy feel but doesn't look too much like a seagull on acid caught in a thunderstorm! I guess the wedding photos will be the ultimate test! Seeing as I fully intend to spend the day in a haze of champagne and happiness, I won't really care whats going on atop my head! And if any prospective wedding guests are reading this....leave at least a half metre exclusion zone around the Louboutins, especially if you are brandishing drinks, canapes or rug rats!


ThatGirl said...

Hey That Girl! I started going by That Girl Blogs recently (this month), but we should start the That Girl club ;)

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

I L.O.V.E those shoes. Very very very jealous!