Tuesday, 12 August 2008

It's Crunch Time

In no way do I profess to be a current affairs writer who comments on up to the minute, newsworthy issues, so I didn't think that I would ever include the phrase "credit crunch" in this blog!  If, for no other reason than I detest such media invented jargon that's spewed out to attract numb skull readers to a headline and subsequent purchase of material that should only be used as toilet paper!

But....the above phrase is resounding in my head as I have just learned that I am being made redundant for the second time! Joy of joys!! Only yours truly would go into real estate just before we enter what is predicted to be a recession and the housing market looks set to slumber for a while! You may think I am being flip but actually it's just "posturing" after a few glasses of red! In about five minutes time I will need to call on my late and wonderful grandmothers mantra of "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger".

I am fortunate enough to be in that place where my career is no longer the be all and end all in my life - Small Child and Other Half have pride of place there! I will find work in due course as I need "a bit of something for me" in my weekly routine. Meanwhile we will budget accordingly and I may also take the braver step of nurturing this writing bug on that seems to be growing at an alarming rate inside of me! 

But to Boss Man Brother In Law who is fantastic at what he does and my colleagues in my office who are also affected by this and whom I have grown really fond of these past few months....I am so gutted that things have gone this way as I know that we were onto a good thing there.  If you can hang on until things pick up then I know you're onto a winner! 
Apologies for what seems like a Dear Diary moment but you should know me well enough by now!


Anonymous said...

We will miss you Mindy! I'll carry on reading when I'm gone so please carry on writing !!

that girl ? said...

Thanks for your kind words "anonymous"! I have a slight inkling of who you are! I promise to keep writing...I'm on a mission now! When I get my first book deal I'll crack open the Veuve with everyone!!

Eve Maple said...

What a shame - we can tailor shopping trips to yummy mummy status and lots of free time for leisurely lunches and play dates.

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

Really sorry to hear about your job. What a kick in the teeth.
It does mean you have more time to get online and entertain us all though. Am I being too selfish?
The very best of luck and please do keep writing.

that girl ? said...

Thanks Tara and Eve for your lovely comments!
I will definately be trying to do more writing...and perhaps will get to write from the perspective of a stay at home mum for a while!