Sunday, 10 August 2008

How The Mighty Have Fallen!

On Friday, Banana who was over from Dubai came to stay with us; she bought Banana Junior with her so Small Child was happy to have someone to practice not sharing with! One incident of scrapping over a book ended with Banana Junior falling backwards and hitting her head on the coffee table and Small child wailing so loudly (from guilt I presume), that Other Half's turn for a lie in was instantly scuppered at precisely 8.00am.

Miss T and her man joined us for dinner the evening before and we reflected, over copious amounts of red wine, how things have changed in our lives. In far off single days, the three of us were usually to be found in the city, fuelled by one too many shots of something hideous tasting, getting up to ridiculous antics such as having a competition to see who could get their leg up highest on the wall. (We couldn't help ourselves - we'd just seen Charlie's Angels the week before and thought we were all arse-kicking Cameron Diaz type girls in pointy toed, high heeled boots!).

There we were reminiscing over old times when Banana stopped to admire the plastic hanging contraption sitting on our kitchen tap that holds a dishcloth and scourer! What happened to the days of cooing over new jeans/shoes/bag/lip gloss etc? I'll tell you what happened.... Life that's what! Banana wasn't the only one to admire this purchase; a friend from Norway who used to live in Essex, also enquired after the sought after domestic item! When they recently came to stay, she admitted that it hadn't fitted their last tap but she was hoping it would be compatible with the new Norwegian based kitchen tap! My point? One day you wake up with a family right there beside you... cue the Talking Heads "Once In A Lifetime" lyric! (Unless you're a sad music/film trivia etc addict such as myself that won't mean that much - sorry!)

A great weekend was had by all...Other Half even managed to do his usual injury thing that he likes to do when we have guests! For some reason unbeknown to man (or me), whenever we have house guests he always manages to chop bits of himself off! Pre marriage, my friend the Divine Miss C, was due for dinner and just before she arrived, he split his forehead open on the corner of the garage door. The local policeman who lives next door but one ended up coming round to put steri-strips on his head after I panicked at the alarming rate that the dent seemed to widen in front of my very eyes! This weekend he managed to cut his finger open with a razor whilst scraping plaster off the bathroom tiles - is there a tortured Van Gough thing lurking beneath perhaps?!

Banana and I did redeem our former illustrious selves by finishing the visit with a "stroking the Choo's and Louboutin's" session so all is not completely lost!

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