Tuesday, 5 August 2008

On Trend Tuesdays!

Tuesday is Grazia delivery day! Its my glossy beacon of non-mummy stuff that I look forward to all week. Once I've got home from work, tucked Small Child into bed and poured out a glass of Shiraz I sit down with this gem of a publication and try to get back in touch with my inner fashionista! In case you're wondering, "fashionista" and "on trend" are words that I learned exclusively from Grazia... along with WAG, Glamourista and Fug. Feel free to try and incorporate them into all your conversations from now on!

As well as some (tastefully done) gossip and beautiful clothes they also carry some serious stories and raise awareness of issues that might otherwise go unnoticed by a short on time, fashion focused filly such as myself! I like that fact that they don't just aim towards a younger market; flirty thirties, forever forties and yummy mummy's are all included on a regular basis. Other Half likes the travel and recipe section, although he may not thank me for telling my small but perfectly formed section of the blogosphere that he reads my mags!

In the interests of recycling I now swap my Grazia for my friends Look magazine. This one provides an instant, read-it-whilst-queuing-at-the-supermarket/post office/bank fix of everything a girl needs, plus they include loads of high street fashion. This means I have now, on two occasions, been able to utter those words "Oh this?...well I saw it in a magazine and had to have it"!

So along with my monthly must have subscriptions to In-Style and Marie Claire, it is little wonder that my bedside magazine stack is starting to resemble my bedside table! Some people collect stamps, I collect fashion magazines......and shoes.....and bags!

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Anonymous said...

I always like my wife to be interested in fashion, yadda, yadda, yadda...

It means she's attempting to look good... and that's sexy...

And what man doesn't want his wife to be sexy?