Friday, 15 August 2008

Not So Bright Stanley

Bad news abounds Chez Thatgirl...alas, poor Stanley the fan tailed, fancy looking goldfish is no longer with us. You'd think that the dummy fairy could do better and deliver a fish that lasts longer than four weeks! And I'd only found out the other day why Small Child decided to name one of them Stanley; her favourite book of the moment at nursery is Bright Stanley - a charming story about a very shiny goldfish.
I was in the bathroom this morning getting ready for "Role Swap Day" (more on that later!) when I was vaguely aware of Other Half asking Small Child if she would like to feed the fish. The next minute his head pops around the door and he announces that he thinks Stanley has "carked it"! Yep...after a quick (non-surgical) check, I confirmed that Stanley had indeed departed this life and gone to the watery planes of aquatic heaven. The fact that he was floating upside down on the plastic plant, little fins fluttering in the wake of the water filter kind of gave it away really. 

All joking aside, I felt really sad seeing him there, unsure of whether it was because it was Holly's first pet or if it was my mummy hormones kicking in. These are the very same hormones that make me cry at anything containing children, animals or anything remotely connected to motherhood by the way!

Back to role swapping; Other Half took a day's holiday to look after Small Child as nursery couldn't give me an extra day this week. They had a very exciting day planned including swimming, trip to great grandparents, food shopping and even a forage around the DIY store! Then there was the unplanned part, explaining about fish departures but not to worry because we all live longer than our marine life relations! When I got home, Other Half declared he was "totally knackered and it was harder than a day at work"! that the sound of guffawing from mums around the world accompanied by hand gestures of 'well hello?!?" No... surely not!    

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